Sunday, July 19, 2015

5 Ways I Improved My Professional Learning Network Using Twitter

Invest Time in Building Your PLN
The payoff is tremendous!

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This week I was prompted by my Ed Tech professor to improve my Profession Learning Network or "PLN". Before embarking on this task, I sought out advice from PLN expert Micheal Hyatt.  In his book "Platform: Getting Notice in a Noisy World" he recommends a variety of insightful ways to grow your PLN with the underlying premise that it requires a commitment to being active online daily using a variety of social media platforms. He highly recommended Twitter as a useful platform to grow your PLN.  So I decided to use Twitter this last week to grow mine.  Surprisingly my results were phenomenal.  With a simple click of the "follow button" on my Twitter app I connected with educators and Edtech leaders across the country.  Daily we shared useful information to improve classroom instruction and student engagement. Everyday I became more and more comfortable tweeting and adding hashtags to categorize information.  Many educators I followed shared in real time resources they were receiving at several conferences around the country.  Even though I was not physically present I still felt like I was connected to the events they were tweeting from. Overall my experience with Twitter has been very beneficial in growing my PLN and it can increase yours as well.  Here's how.  

Here are 5  easy tips to improve your Professional Learning Network with Twitter:
  1. Tweet everyday
  2. Tweet at least three times daily
  3. Tweet relevant and helpful information
  4. Be selective who you follow
  5. Use hashtags to organize your tweets

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