Wednesday, July 1, 2015

What does it take to be an EdTech leader?

To begin with, think back to one of most famous movies from the eighties, Top Gun.  Remember Tom Cruise's character Maverick. Well, find your inner Maverick.  Become that person who is willing to take risks without fear.  Look at every obstacle as a challenge that can be conquered.  Be ready to question authority and advocate for what is best for student learning.  Do not fear failure. Instead embrace every failure as an opportunity to learn and improve.  Accept that you may have to win over one educator at time but never give up.  Everyone loves a positive attitude so coach yourself daily to never complain.  Constantly seek out opportunities to showcase how technology can enhance student learning and streamline a teacher's workload. Most importantly, it is not just about the cool apps or hardware that hooks them, most of the time it is really about creating trusting relationships with your colleagues that gets them to implement technology. Once you have channeled your inner Maverick then begin your adventure as an Ed Tech leader.

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