Friday, July 3, 2015

How Should Schools Change To Promote Learning In The 21st Century?

Let's begin by redesigning the physical layout of our classrooms to promote the "four C's" by transforming our classrooms into learning commons.  For the past seven years libraries across the country are creating learning commons with positive reviews.  Let's do away with the traditional set up of our classrooms which are relics of an industrial age ideal. Take a hard look at your automated assembly line atmosphere designed to produce replica students to act, process, and interact identically. 
Break the mold!  Do away with desks and rows. Bring in kidney or semi round tables with curved bench seating so that learners can easily move around and work with each other.  Clear out the clutter and extra non useful furniture and place movable seating on the floor.  Designate areas within your learning common dedicated to academic disciplines where resource materials are easily accessible for your students.  If you have young learners place materials within their reach and charts at eye level.  Remove cabinet doors and let your learners have access to digital devices, manipulatives, and art supplies. Stop standing at the front of the room and stand in the middle.  Be in the center of the conversation and instruction among your learners instead of at the edge. Environment influences our perceptions, interactions, processing, and creativity.  So change yours to promote 21st century learning.

Click on image for a link on more information about learning commons.

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