Saturday, July 25, 2015

Why You Should be Talking About Google "Cardboard"

Are you searching for fun and engaging ways to take field trips without leaving your classroom?  I found a great tech tool that is a throw back to one of my favorite childhood toys, the 3-D slide viewer. 

What is it?  

Well it is Google's "Cardboard" app dubbed "Expeditions" where teachers and students can have synchronized virtual fieldtrips. "Cardboard" is a virtual reality platform to use with a fold out cardboard mount for a mobile phone.  When you get the cardboard folded into the right configuration you slip
your mobile phone into the front of the viewer.  Next, start the free "Cardboard" app, choose a destination and the funbegins.  The software creates a stereoscopic image that completely fills your field of vision, and immerses you into a virtual world.  The viewers can be homemade or purchased. If you choose to purchase you have a variety of choices of cardboard designs, plastic, aluminum, and EVA foam.


Imagine the possibilities of the learning opportunities this fabulous app can offer your students. So I invite you to become adventurous with your students and virtually travel the world via Google "Cardboard".

10 Ways to Change Your Classroom With Google Cardboard by EdTechTeam Blog


  1. Great idea Cindy. Can you imagine the possibilities for our kids who have limited interactions wit other parts of the world?

    1. Thank you Adrianna. I am very excited about the 3D feature of this tool. It's amazing to look up, down, and see a virtual world all around you.

  2. Thanks so much for a timely, helpful, well-done post!


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