Instructional Practices

Whole brain teaching is a new "radical" idea to some, however it is nothing more than tried and true teaching practices, combined into a new approach. Whole brain teaching combines direct instruction, , sharing and immediate feedback to become a new style of teaching. Whole brain teaching surmounts to seven steps that a teacher incorporates into their everyday classroom.

Digital Tools to Enhance Lessons

Movenote for Education

The Movenote app lets you record video alongside documents or pictures to create an integrated video presentation with slides.  Please click here to see ways I have integrated Movenote in my first grade classroom.


Quick response (QR) codes are easy to create and have many uses in the classroom. With the posting of a QR code, you can lead students to information by just using their computer's or mobile device's camera.

QR Code Generator:



Storybird is a visual storytelling community.  A global hub or readers, writers, and artists of all ages.  The idea: let anyone make gorgeous, art inspired stories in seconds.

     Pear Deck

With Pear Deck, bring interactive, engaging slide presentations to your classroom.  Real time formative assessments and discussions enhance understanding ...


Google Classroom

Google Classroom is designed to help teachers create and collect assignments paperlessly, including time-saving features like the ability to automatically make a copy of a Google document for each student. It also creates Drive folders for each assignment and for each student to help keep everyone organized.

Parent Communication Resources  


U.S. Department of Education

ToolKit for Hispanic Families

This toolkit will show hispanic parents what to expect from their schools, their teachers and their children, at all ages and grade levels. It will tell them how to help their children through school, what resources are available, and what they, their family and their community can do to help their child learn.

Recommended Books to Improve Instruction 

click on links to learn more about each book
Redefine your
Learn to lead at your
school site
Learn how to intrinsically
motivate your students

Rev up your teaching
to engage your learners

Recommended Playstore Apps for Primary

Free Apps I Utilize In My Classroom

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