Technology Pedagogy

For one to lead, they must get strategically prepared in order to experience success. To begin with, technology leaders can prepare by enhancing their technology skills and understanding of how technology can improve education. This can be accomplished by networking with other educators and administrators and also through continued professional development. Through these methods, insight and information about successful implementation plans and support systems can be gained. Secondly, there are essential roles that a technology leader will assume during the integration process at their site. They will become the leader of digital learning, building capacity, and resources. As a consequence, it is detrimental that a technology leader has a clear vision and an outlined plan. They should be prepared for integration pain and have approaches to pain relief to successfully lead their site or district towards full technology implementation. Lastly, a technology leader should inspire a shared vision among their colleagues. The vision can be an innovative future in which the roles of teachers can transform and their classrooms become infused with 21st century educational ideals.

Process of Integrating Technology

Creating inspiration by sharing useful and easy to use digital resources is where a technology leader should begin the integration of technology in the classroom. First, showcasing student created projects with a particular digital tool can surely hook teacher interest. When teachers are able to recognize how effective technology can benefit them they are more willing to begin integrating those tools into their curriculum. Several workshops should be offered weekly in an informal yet collegial setting to provide teachers with several opportunities to familiarize themselves with new hardware, apps, and software. These sessions would provide a venue for teachers to practice and play with the featured technology tool in order to become comfortable with it. Study groups could be formed within the workshops to provide an environment in which teachers can learn from one another as they experiment with their newfound technology tools. Lastly, a technology leader should create a standard set of reliable technology resources and tools for every classroom to ensure equitable access for all at.

Inspiring Tech Integration

By leading the way a technology leader can inspire teachers to see how effective technology integration can have a positive impact on student learning. Being transparent among staff to create trust should be a top priority during integration. One way this can be accomplished is by creating a professional website where the technology leader can post resources, upcoming training events, and blogs. A technology leader should also create personal relationships with their staff. Through these trusting relationships a tech leader could encourage others to lead. The confidence required to lead could be fostered by strengthening others in their own technology skills and knowledge. The spirit of collaboration should be at the heart of every opportunity a technology leader has when collaborating with their staff. In conclusion, effective leadership skills are necessary when taking on the responsibility as a technology administrator

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