Ed Tech Leadership

My Vision of a 21st Century School District 

My goal as a educational technology leader is to prepare students for college, career, and community in the 21st century. It is essential that students are experienced in the use of multiple technologies. It is my role to provide leading edge professional development and support for administrators and teachers. I want to ensure that they are proficient in the use of technology tools to enhance learning, as well as demonstrating an understanding of the role these tools play in communication and connectivity of people. Every school district should have a clear and concise technology plan that specifically outlines why the need to integrate technology, what should be integrated, where the integration can occur, and most importantly how to integrate.      

Every District Technology Plan should address the following categories and provisions as they create a plan for integration of technology into their curriculum and instruction:

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Four Components of a District Master Plan

A District will provide, develop, and maintain:

Instructional Support Systems 

  • Technology integrated daily within classroom instruction
  • Technology integration should align with Common Core Standards
  • Implement systems, protocols, and practices to guarantee site and teacher equality
  • Monitor student learning through a system of collecting data
  • Create a system to access student data in a timely manner in order to facilitate diagnosis and prescription
Infrastructure Support Systems
  • Each staff member and student will have fast and reliable access to online resources provided by a wide area network which is to be transparent to everyday users
  • Every classroom within the district to be equipped with a laptop, document camera, mounted projector, printer, and SMART boards
  • A comprehensive software selection process in which software developers will provide software support
Informational Support Systems
  • The provision and maintenance of information systems to document, analyze, report and monitor specific student and employee information
  • The district will also provide and maintain systems for articulated and coherent messaging for all stakeholders in multiple languages across multiple mediums
Professional Support Systems
  • To implement systems, protocols, and practices that guarantee professional development aligns with identified student learning needs, national staff development, district guiding principles, common core standards, and core instructional materials
  • The district will provide and maintain a professional development database that identifies the continuous improvement efforts of staff to ensure training content is put into practice in every classroom by every teacher
  • The district will quarterly identify challenges and support needed through observation and feedback from staff development days

To see an example of a District Master Tech Plan please click here to view Central Unified's Master Tech Plan


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